Social Media For Nonprofit Organizations

social media for nonprofits

Social media for nonprofit organizations requires a keen understanding of how trust works in an online environment. It is not given easily. It is not given casually. Trust is a delicate commodity, and in social media, developing a trustworthy presence for any nonprofit organization is a long-term commitment.

Social media can be fraught with those who seek quick attention or “viral posts,” but to the nonprofit organization, there is too much at stake to risk your reputation on whims or risky strategies.

What is needed is a long-term, comprehensive strategy, complete with consistent tone and frequent communication, not to mention plenty of safeguards in place to protect your good name as an organization.

At Polka Dot Impressions, we consider many elements before recommending long-term strategies for your nonprofit, but some of the considerations include:

  1. Who is your target audience, and how does that differ from your partner audience? Most nonprofit organizations have both “target” audiences and “partner” audiences. You have to be able to speak to both at the same time through social media.

  2. Do you have brand ambassadors? Are they equipped to assist you, or are they actually hurting you? Effective training and “buy-in” to the principles of the organization are important. Those speaking for your brand are doing so 24-7, whether they intend to or not!

  3. What core values drive your organization? In what media can they be represented? Because you don’t have products to sell, you have to be effective storytellers instead, and this looks different on each of the social media channels.

  4. On which social networks would you find your supporters? Which ones do your future partners use? You may need to reach a broad audience to address all of them. Are you equipped to manage them all?

  5. Will you run ads through your social channels? Do you have a budget for this? Social media is not really free any more, not even for the nonprofit!

  6. What is your content marketing strategy? Content marketing is critical to the nonprofit organization. Building your company culture takes time, energy, AND content!

  7. Do you have a risk management policy? Do you need one?

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