Social Media For Healthcare

“Because of all the patient privacy restrictions, I’m not sure social media can do my healthcare business any good.” This is a common belief among healthcare providers, clinicians and administration representatives. Healthcare is a “late adopter” to the rapidly growing patient/customer base that is spending a lot of time online. For you, the healthcare professional, that means that the competition is less present in social media. It then becomes possible to gain the advantage in pursuing the your discipline’s market.

The reformation of healthcare requires the provider to be more involved with the patient between in-person episodes and it requires the patient to be more involved in determining his own health care course. This is the key opportunity to leverage social media for healthcare providers in order to be more successful in improving outcomes.

Our Polka Dot Impressions staff has experience in the field of university hospitals, medical schools, community health centers, stand-alone emergency rooms, dental and orthodontist clinics, OB/GYN specialists, patient advocacy organizations, private healthcare providers, nonprofit healthcare institutions and the telehealth industry.

Polka Dot Impressions can leverage social media to answer these questions:

  1. How can you improve your patients’ outcomes through increased continuing patient education?

  2. Are you communicating daily with your patient? How can you help the patient be compliant with treatment regimens? With social media it is possible to supply daily instructions to patients with a specific medical condition (e.g. contacting diabetics to check their blood glucose).

  3. How can you establish your new practice in such a way that patients will trust you enough to make an appointment? Are you growing your business? Establishing the provider/institution/clinic as a knowledgeable, trusted resource of information, health tips and timely calls-to-action

  4. Is your online communication secure? What does HIPPA think of social media? How can you meet with a lot of patients at one time without forcing them to travel? Social media marketers can provide private and secure places where patients can share their outcomes and be a support group with others with similar diagnoses.

  5. Are you participating in the life of the community your serve? How can you increase your public, investing-in-community presence with the least amount of disruption to generating revenue? Through content marketing you can become a “thought leader” among peers through video marketing and online gatherings.

  6. Is there an easier way for your patients to make appointments? Do you know how to make your staff more present for personal patient encounters by reducing the phone call demands? You can improve patient access to appointments and information through social media.

  7. What are patients saying about your practice “out there” in public? Do you know how to leverage negative comments and reviews for positive outcomes for your practice? Social media engagement with the patients provides exceptional patient/customer experiences in your name.

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