Social Media For Small Businesses

social media for small businesses

When launching or enhancing social media for small businesses, there are several very important considerations. Having a clear strategy for each of them is important, and social media marketing efforts need to focus on creating a positive brand experience for your customers and potential customers.

At Polka Dot Impressions, we develop clear marketing strategies that build your business online and ensure that customer service and marketing to potential customers are seamlessly integrated.

Here are just a few of the questions Polka Dot Impressions will address with you:

  1. Is your customer base a local audience, or do you have the ability to serve customers in other locations? Local only businesses require special attention in social media marketing.

  2. Who are the personalities behind your business? Knowing how that impacts your social media marketing is critical!

  3. What core values drive your business? How will you demonstrate those through social media without talking about yourself? This is one of the tougher aspects to social media marketing, but your core values should get as much attention in social as they do everywhere else!

  4. Is your target audience clearly defined by the Fab Four? There can be more, but at a minimum, these four identifying categories will shape your social media marketing.

  5. Which social networks do your customers use? Which ones do your potential customers use? Small business owners often find that they cannot afford the time or resources to effectively manage too many social media networks, so prioritizing your social channels is a must.

  6. Will you run ads through your social channels? Do you have a budget for this? Social media is not really free any more and any effective strategy will include attention to this aspect. However, the small business owner can take advantage of some very creative and inexpensive ways to advertise in social!

  7. Will content marketing be included in your strategy? Remember, you don’t “own” social media; you have the privilege of using it to market your business. You do own your own content, however, when content marketing is included in your small business social media plan.

  8. How will you do all of this and run your business? We can assist you in coordinating your staff, our team, and YOU!

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