The UpRight System

At Polka Dot Impressions, we believe that doing something right will yield the best, long-term results. That means that we take the time to do it right for each of our clients. Social media marketing is an ever-changing landscape, but doing the right things with excellence never goes out of date!

Because of this, we have developed a unique process for social media marketing. Our system works, and we are able to consistently deliver long-lasting marketing results that you own for your business. We create the intellectual property that becomes your brand legacy.

The UpRight System

Using our proprietary UpRight System, we create a marketing experience that yields long-term “up and to the right” results for your business.




Each stage of the UpRight System serves to build your best marketing impressions, and we regularly assess and review what’s working and what’s not.



It begins with a conversation. What are your goals? Everyone wants to make more money, we get it, but goals in social media marketing must be more tangible than that. Where are you now with your goals, and where could you be in 6 months? Let’s build a forward-moving plan!



Based on your goals and the gaps as we see them, we’ll make some recommendations to you. Budget, time, social networks – all of these are factored into your customized recommendations.


This is where you make some decisions. If you choose to proceed with Polka Dot Impressions, we issue a month-to-month marketing agreement, and we begin our work together. Along the way, we’ll revisit the goals and any gaps regularly. Goals change, social media networks evolve, and therefore the conversations about your progress and your goals never stop being of great importance to our work together.


The next step is to gather information in order to build those “dots” that create and boost your online presence. Your core values and business objectives drive this stage, and we’ll spend plenty of time making sure that we’re on the same page with you and your business. This is where static information about your business becomes inter-active, social, and growth-focused.


As with any social media marketing, there comes a point where you click “Submit,” and that’s when the building takes off. Each post, each piece of content is building a permanent marketing message for your organization. That’s one of the beauties of social media marketing. What we create is your intellectual property, and as we create those social media “dots,” we build your brand for longevity.


Social media is a 24-7 environment, and on a daily basis, we market your business for you. Seven days per week, we do this through the content and intellectual property we create for you. We do this through the conversations that we have with your customers on your behalf. We become the hub of your online presence on your behalf. We adopt your voice, your style, meet your industry requirements, and more. And based on the information we’ve gathered during the Information step, we keep strict communication systems in place to follow your preferences and objectives as customers reach out to you via social channels.


And finally, we’ll send you a monthly report of how your social media is growing based on your goals, relationship marketing, and constantly changing social media trends. We revisit the building and information steps often in order to create just the right impression for your brand in the social media environments in which you choose to grow.

Through our unique UpRight System, we become an extension of your brand. Building your “dots” with integrity, we move your business up and to the right through social media marketing