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Privacy Basics via Facebook

Privacy Basics Via Facebook

What is Privacy Basics? The short answer is, Privacy Basics is bad for marketing but good for Facebook users in general. The long answer is, well, it’s complicated. Privacy Basics – The Basics On January 1, 2015, Facebook will be rolling out some changes. Imagine that – a social network making changes! (Sarcasm intended.) New features, new controls, blah, blah, …

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7 Ways Social Media Can Bust Or Build Your Business

Screen Shot 2014 08 25 At 12.08.36 PM

Social Media – Building It vs Blowing It! Recently, some of the Polka Dot Impressions team members spoke to the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce at their monthly Lunch and Learn. The topic was “7 Ways Social Media Can Bust Or Build Your Business.” Below are the slides from that presentation, as well as some of the supporting notes for …

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Google Plus Conversions

Google Plus Conversions

Google Plus is driving conversions, but we don’t mean just of the customer type! Recently, we spent about 3 hours mapping out Google properties with one of our clients on some Google Plus Pages (at least we thought they were Pages). Specifically, this client had created multiple Pages for the same local business before we began working with them. Some …

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Everyone Likes a Good Picture

Pdi Insights

Now that Facebook has rolled out their new Insights layout, it’s pretty easy to see one of Facebook’s core principles of communication. We “see” better than we read.  This fits nicely into the “worldview” they promoted when they introduced Timeline a while back. That has also been touted as truth in marketing recently. Social media is becoming more and more …

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Help Wanted!

Instagram Logo

Recently, we offered the opportunity for our “Insider’s Only” email subscribers to join us in a very limited group of “testers.” The folks were asked to sign up to participate in an Instagram contest that begins next week and includes a prize and potential fame! Behind the scenes we are testing a few tools and applications for Instagram, and we’ll …

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Facebook – Highlighting Posts by Others

Highlighted Posts

Imagine that someone posts something great onto your Facebook Business Page. Maybe it’s a great compliment, or maybe they talk about what wonderful service they got from one of your staff members. It might even be something that they share on your wall that’s just worth passing on to your Fans. There’s an easy way to make sure that post …

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Should I Create More Than One Business Page?

Multiple Brand Pages

Many business owners are serial entrepreneurs. Or said another way, their visions for products and services extend beyond a single business. That’s not unusual. The truth is most people wear more than one hat in life – parent, employer/employee, child, caretaker, spouse, etc. – so why wouldn’t businesses have a similar experience? When it comes to marketing those different endeavors, however, …

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Facebook Networking

social media marketing houston texas

One of the lesser-used features of Facebook is the ability to do some business-to-business (B2B) networking with it. Most business owners feel fairly satisfied if they have their business Page up and running smoothly, but stopping there is limiting the power of Facebook. Just like you would find it helpful to attend networking events as a business leader in real …

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What Does Facebook Graph Search Mean to Your Facebook Business Page?

graph search optimization checklist

Social media marketing is an ever-changing field. In part, that’s because social networks are constantly updating features, and so business owners and marketers must stay in a constant learning mode. Facebook’s Graph Search is an excellent case in point. The service hasn’t even been rolled out to all Facebook users yet, and there is much wide-spread speculation about how powerful …

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Facebook Graph Search – 3 Things To Do Now

Facebook Graph Search1

Facebook Graph Search has been dominating social media news this week. It may or may not continue to do so, but it’s important to understand how it affects you – whether you’re using Facebook for business OR personal use. This one is an across-the-board change, and every Facebook user needs to understand a few things about it. Graph Search, once …

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