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The Golf Lessons Of Social Media Marketing

Golf Lessons Of Social Media

I’m a golfer. Actually, I’m a hacker. Okay! Okay! I like to think I’m a golfer. At least I look good dressed in the garb and carrying a golf bag. Now, there was a time when I was okay at golf. I could shoot in the low 90s and was threatening to score in the 80s. And I’m not talking …

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3 Obstacles For Social Media Marketing

social media marketing obstacles

Rarely do we talk about ourselves at Polka Dot Impressions, but on occasion, we have something personal to say. When we launched our social media marketing agency, it was originally the vision of a single person. That has changed. And in much the same way that changes happen all the time in social media marketing, businesses have to be prepared …

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Social Media Supply And Demand et al

Social Media Supply And Demand

On a regular basis, I review articles, blogs and videos (my least favorite, and I’ll tell you why in a minute) to review the latest trends, see what’s shifting in social media marketing, look at new tools coming available, etc. It’s part of my daily “continuing education,” and it takes a fair amount of time every day. Social media changes …

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8 Facts Everyone Should Know About Social Media Marketing

8 Facts About Social Media Marketing

Whether you are a rookie or a veteran to social media marketing, it is always a good strategy to review what you know about social media on a regular basis. Social media changes constantly. But there are a few things that remain true for social media marketing no matter what industry you serve. Let’s take a look at some of …

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How To Hire a Social Media Marketer

Shaking Hands Small

As a business owner needing help to engage social media (SM) marketing to increase the success of your business, you will be faced with three choices. You will either (a) choose to commit staff support to monitor your profiles around the clock, (b) hire a company to generate your posts, monitor the activity and engage the customer, or (c) put …

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A Consumer’s Market

Consumers Market

You’ve heard the real estate phrase, “It’s a seller’s market,” or “It’s a buyer’s market,” right? When it comes to social media, it’s a consumer’s market. Let’s take a look at what that means for your business, because the implications of this are going to be long-lasting and affect your bottom line for quite some time. Yes, some consumers still …

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Purpose and Goals in Social Media Marketing

Purpose And Goals

No one would argue that marketing a business is optional these days, but many would debate the methods. The methods and the success stories vary from industry to industry, but is social media one of the successful methods of marketing? A recent survey by Manta, outlined in USA Today, came to the conclusion that “social media is a bust for …

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Should I Create More Than One Business Page?

Multiple Brand Pages

Many business owners are serial entrepreneurs. Or said another way, their visions for products and services extend beyond a single business. That’s not unusual. The truth is most people wear more than one hat in life – parent, employer/employee, child, caretaker, spouse, etc. – so why wouldn’t businesses have a similar experience? When it comes to marketing those different endeavors, however, …

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Why Social Media?

Why Use Social Media

“Everyone tells me I need to be in social media, but I have no idea how or why.” We hear that statement more often than you can imagine when a potential client approaches us at Polka Dot Impressions. Whether it’s a phone call prompted by a referral or the folk who come up to us after the many speaking events …

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Reevaluating Social Media

Reevaluating Social Media

One of the most common things I hear when meeting with business owners about their past social media efforts is, “It just didn’t work for me.” That always leads to a familiar conversation about goals. “What were the goals of your social media?” “How did you set out to reach those goals?” The wording may be different from person to …

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