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7 Ways Social Media Can Bust Or Build Your Business

Screen Shot 2014 08 25 At 12.08.36 PM

Social Media – Building It vs Blowing It! Recently, some of the Polka Dot Impressions team members spoke to the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce at their monthly Lunch and Learn. The topic was “7 Ways Social Media Can Bust Or Build Your Business.” Below are the slides from that presentation, as well as some of the supporting notes for …

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3 Types Of LinkedIn Content You Should Be Sharing

LinkedIn Publisher 3 Types Of Content You Should Be Sharing

(This is an introduction to an article originally published on LinkedIn. You can read the full article HERE.) If you haven’t spent much time on LinkedIn lately, things have changed, and so should you. Although it’s still a highly valuable tool for job hunting, LinkedIn is much more than a resume platform. And, for those of you who’ve seen the shift …

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How Not To Damage Your Business With Social Media


Social media marketing, when done strategically, creatively and thoughtfully, can build your business. Or, it can cause significant damage with your customers. I can’t tell you how many businesses have approached me with this question “Can you do my social media?” You would think my automatic response would be “Of course, we can do your social media.” It’s not. It …

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Wave Off! Say ‘No’ To Fake Fans

Wave Off

Why You Should NOT Buy Fake Fans and Followers It’s tempting to do whatever you can to get Fans on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and build up those numbers on a business profile. The pressure to build those numbers comes from a wrong understanding that large numbers of Fans and Followers must mean your product is better than your competitors’ …

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Really Knowing Your Audience

online survey

The other day, I was on a webinar where the presenter said, “I can tell you 3 things that every single one of my target audience has in common.” They went on to describe 3 very specific things that would describe their audience, and much to my surprise, I had been totally “pegged” by their assessment. Is that a bad …

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Blogging – The Marketing Tool Your Business Cannot Do Without

Blogging Marketing Tool

Think of it as a library. It has rows upon rows of topics, alphabetized names, and facts. It’s a mansion of knowledge accessible to anyone who knows how to get in. It’s the most agreeable library you’ve ever  visited. You can shout in this library. You can converse with anybody you want to in this library. You can look up …

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A Consumer’s Market

Consumers Market

You’ve heard the real estate phrase, “It’s a seller’s market,” or “It’s a buyer’s market,” right? When it comes to social media, it’s a consumer’s market. Let’s take a look at what that means for your business, because the implications of this are going to be long-lasting and affect your bottom line for quite some time. Yes, some consumers still …

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Risk Management in Social Media

Social Media Risk Management

If your business has a presence on social media it is essential to practice risk management. Traditionally when one thinks of risk management in business one thinks of policies and procedures in place to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace, safety during natural disasters, protection from fraud and theft, protection from sexual harassment litigation, credit risks and confidentiality/privacy …

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7 Tips for Improving Your Social Media

Improve Social Media

No one is perfect. That’s true in every area of life, even social media marketing. The rapid-fire changes to social networks, and how we use them, make it very difficult to be a perfect user of all of the tools or to even know what all of them are. However, everyone has to begin using social media somewhere. We’ve watched …

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Password Security

Password Security

In case you missed it today, the official Burger King Twitter account (@burgerking) was hijacked by someone who renamed the account McDonalds. Pretty funny, right? Well, not if you’re Burger King and you’ve worked hard to get those 86K+ Followers! (That number fluctuated wildly during this time, too!) Details are still coming out, and the account was suspended in less …

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