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Is Social Media Worth The Investment?

Social Media Investment

When you’re at the car repair shop, every make and model of vehicle begins to look unreliable. So many of them come and go through the repair doors. There are many more of each model out on the road, but all you see at the moment are the ones needing repair. It’s about perspective, and perspective changes things. Do you …

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Facebook’s Pages Update

Facebook Pages Update

The ever-changing Facebook has done it again! An update will arrive in the coming days, according to Facebook for Business. With every change, a marketer needs to know the effects on him and his fans, and this update could affect some business owners depending on their particular marketing methods. The highlights of this update are: The update will arrange a …

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Social Media Supply And Demand et al

Social Media Supply And Demand

On a regular basis, I review articles, blogs and videos (my least favorite, and I’ll tell you why in a minute) to review the latest trends, see what’s shifting in social media marketing, look at new tools coming available, etc. It’s part of my daily “continuing education,” and it takes a fair amount of time every day. Social media changes …

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Do I Need To Be On Google Plus?

Do I Need To Be On Google Plus

When I have been asked that question recently, I realize that I am bigger fan of Google+ than I think am. I’m not alone. Users have been quick to sign on to this social media site. However, these “users” very often fail to use Google+ effectively, if at all beyond a Gmail account. When searching Google+ on behalf of clients, …

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The Facebook Gauntlet of Engagement

hurdle of Facebook

It seems that as Facebook continues to fine tune it’s Timeline for the 1.5 billion users, it is making it more difficult for business users to get noticed. The largest social media site has once again changed its EdgeRank algorithm. The changes are making it more difficult for a business to be seen by those who have “Liked” a business’s …

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Social Media – 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Social Media 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Sometimes, in order to get clarity around a topic, it helps to narrow it down to a single phrase. As a business or strategic exercise, this is often done to focus in on what’s important, the next steps, or a company’s core values. Social media marketing is no different. Sometimes it helps to narrow down the distinctions between platforms in …

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The Social Media Habit

Social Media Habit

As with anything that does not come naturally, being inconsistent with your social media activity can take a toll on your business’s return. We are at the point in the era of social media that if a customer doesn’t see much activity on your Facebook page or website, they assume you’re not competent. You don’t seem very present and therefore …

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Can Social Media Replace A Business Website?

Social Media Replace Website Pdi

5 Areas of Consideration One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not social media can take the place of a traditional website in today’s marketing arena. After all, social media is free and quality websites aren’t, right? There are several flaws in that argument, and we’ll look at a few points to help you make a …

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Facebook Stars – What’s Up With These?

Facebook Stars 2

Have you wondered about the “new” stars showing up on your Facebook business Page? They’re not exactly new, but you don’t have the option of ignoring them any longer, either. Here’s the scoop. These stars are the result of the Reviews you have gotten on your Business, and they are tied to local businesses or brands. In other words, if …

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How Do The Holidays Change Social Media? Get Seasonal!

IMG 1652

The Holidays are upon us! A long, slow summer with few special events has come and gone, but now we’re into the season of festivities that everyone cherishes. It’s an easy opportunity to show fans what you have in common with them—high spirits, laughter, and family time. Why should the holidays be any different for your business’s use of social …

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