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The Content Writing Process

Content Writing Process

Second grade was the period that introduced me to the writing process. It was the grade in which I learned how to organize and present a unified composition. Little did I know how important this would be in marketing and business in the years to come. At the time, the process was tedious as a seven year old, but thanks …

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Is Social Media Worth The Investment?

Social Media Investment

When you’re at the car repair shop, every make and model of vehicle begins to look unreliable. So many of them come and go through the repair doors. There are many more of each model out on the road, but all you see at the moment are the ones needing repair. It’s about perspective, and perspective changes things. Do you …

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Content Lessons To Be Learned From Taco Bell

Content Lessons From Taco Bell

It’s a simple food item. Some type of flatbread is gently folded over in half and filled with a meat. This item can be picked up with the God-given eating utensils we were designed with. There is no need for flatware unless you want everyone else at the table to cast a look of consternation your direction. If you cock …

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Benefits of Content Curation

Benefits Of Content Curation

At its very core, social media is about conversations on relevant topics. Social media marketing therefore, is about conversations on a particular topic – your products or services and the value you are providing to others. However, no one wants to be sold to in a conversational setting. Enter the social media content strategy question. How? What? When? Etc. Content …

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Do I Need To Be On Google Plus?

Do I Need To Be On Google Plus

When I have been asked that question recently, I realize that I am bigger fan of Google+ than I think am. I’m not alone. Users have been quick to sign on to this social media site. However, these “users” very often fail to use Google+ effectively, if at all beyond a Gmail account. When searching Google+ on behalf of clients, …

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The Demise Of Sponsored Stories

Demise Of Sponsored Stories

You’re headed out to your favorite restaurant. As you pull up to a red light, you notice movement to your left. Your coworker is in the adjacent car waving at you. After a brief conversation between car windows, she asks you where you’re headed, so you mention driving to the restaurant. She says she has never eaten there, but is …

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Where Tumblr Meets Marketing

Where Tumblr Meets Marketing

Who is on Tumblr? …. Who knows what Tumblr is? …. If you have no response to either question, you may be older than 25. Tumblr began in February 2007 by a guy named David Karp. It’s a medium for expression of thought and is much like a blog, but more concise. It’s for those communicators who want to share …

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The Social Media Habit

Social Media Habit

As with anything that does not come naturally, being inconsistent with your social media activity can take a toll on your business’s return. We are at the point in the era of social media that if a customer doesn’t see much activity on your Facebook page or website, they assume you’re not competent. You don’t seem very present and therefore …

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Can Social Media Replace A Business Website?

Social Media Replace Website Pdi

5 Areas of Consideration One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not social media can take the place of a traditional website in today’s marketing arena. After all, social media is free and quality websites aren’t, right? There are several flaws in that argument, and we’ll look at a few points to help you make a …

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Facebook Stars – What’s Up With These?

Facebook Stars 2

Have you wondered about the “new” stars showing up on your Facebook business Page? They’re not exactly new, but you don’t have the option of ignoring them any longer, either. Here’s the scoop. These stars are the result of the Reviews you have gotten on your Business, and they are tied to local businesses or brands. In other words, if …

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