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‘Twas The Moment B4 #Hangout

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It was eve of the Hangout, the biggest this year. The message delivered, the reach far and near. The earbuds would once again enter canals With content perhaps good, hopefully not banal. The speakers were clearing and rehearsing their voices Anticipating many content editing choices. High hopes were held by those watching screens That morsels from thought leaders they would …

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The Art Of The Retweet

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If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, you may already have the Retweet mastered. If you’re unsure about Retweeting, or don’t do it often, it’s a great way to engage with others on Twitter, share high-quality information, and gain exposure to things you (and your Followers) might not have seen otherwise. But did you know that there are a couple …

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Content Lessons To Be Learned From Taco Bell

Content Lessons From Taco Bell

It’s a simple food item. Some type of flatbread is gently folded over in half and filled with a meat. This item can be picked up with the God-given eating utensils we were designed with. There is no need for flatware unless you want everyone else at the table to cast a look of consternation your direction. If you cock …

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Two Quick Ways To Post On LinkedIn

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These two tools have been around for some while, but most people on LinkedIn don’t know of them. We think they are very helpful when you manage multiple social media profiles for your company or for yourself. Adding the “Share on LinkedIn” plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer With this button on your toolbar, you can share useful …

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LinkedIn Profile Changes

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Have you ever wanted to make a few changes to your LinkedIn profile, but without telling everyone about these edits?  That’s the subject of this video tip, inspired by a recent question from a friend of mine. Check out the video, or follow the transcript below, and let us know if you have other questions about your social media profiles! …

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Facebook Notifications Tool

Facebook Notifications Tool

Are you educating your Fans? You have heard us say this before, but if Facebook is included in your marketing strategy, it is becoming more important all the time to think about your Fan engagement. “How do I increase Engagement?” you ask? That is a constant question on Facebook. It doesn’t really seem to matter who you talk to, there …

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Posting Tips For Social Media Marketing


How often should you post? What should you do with your blogs? Is there a magic number of tweets per day? These are common questions in social media marketing, so we have put together a posting tips checklist by social network to get your marketing aligned with current strategies that work. Note:  Each business is unique and has a distinctive …

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The Problem With Hashtags On Facebook


Facebook has a problem with hashtags and it’s you. You are too private, and as a result, hashtags may never take off on Facebook no matter how badly Facebook wants them to. What would Twitter or Instagram be without the hashtag? Confusing, busy, overwhelming even, right? Not everyone likes them, but hashtags serve a valuable function on those social media …

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Do You Need A Ghost Writer?

Do You Need A Ghost Writer

The market for ghost writers is flourishing. Many employers will pay a large sum of money for someone to represent them through writing. High profile individuals across the nation recruit a ghost writer to cover for them in day to day fan interaction. After their hectic day, most celebrities simply do not have the energy to continue interaction online. Nevertheless, …

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Everyone Likes a Good Picture

Pdi Insights

Now that Facebook has rolled out their new Insights layout, it’s pretty easy to see one of Facebook’s core principles of communication. We “see” better than we read.  This fits nicely into the “worldview” they promoted when they introduced Timeline a while back. That has also been touted as truth in marketing recently. Social media is becoming more and more …

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