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Are You Using LinkedIn Groups?

Using LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are like mini social networks– social networks in which all other users are strangers, yet are ones that care about the exact same business topics about which you care. We live in a time of hyper-information. And by “hyper,” I mean, lots of details, but not really quality stuff. Think about it. We are all walking experts on …

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The Demise Of Sponsored Stories

Demise Of Sponsored Stories

You’re headed out to your favorite restaurant. As you pull up to a red light, you notice movement to your left. Your coworker is in the adjacent car waving at you. After a brief conversation between car windows, she asks you where you’re headed, so you mention driving to the restaurant. She says she has never eaten there, but is …

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Social Media – 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Social Media 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Sometimes, in order to get clarity around a topic, it helps to narrow it down to a single phrase. As a business or strategic exercise, this is often done to focus in on what’s important, the next steps, or a company’s core values. Social media marketing is no different. Sometimes it helps to narrow down the distinctions between platforms in …

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How To Manage An Online Community

How To Manage An Online Community

The Golden Rule. You know it. Mom quoted the ancient lines every time you and your siblings quarreled. It’s the act of empathizing with those around you. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Every middle child, teammate, and colleague who has smooth interactions with others practices it. Just as it’s the key to face-to-face communication, …

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A Consumer’s Market

Consumers Market

You’ve heard the real estate phrase, “It’s a seller’s market,” or “It’s a buyer’s market,” right? When it comes to social media, it’s a consumer’s market. Let’s take a look at what that means for your business, because the implications of this are going to be long-lasting and affect your bottom line for quite some time. Yes, some consumers still …

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Early Media Trends for 2013

Barber Pole

Aggressive and successful marketing campaigns are relying on diversification of media platforms in the first quarter of 2013. The early trend in 2013 is that smart businesses are strategically leveraging their use of owned, paid and, increasingly, earned media. These terms may be self-explanatory. But there are significant differences that you should know about. Each is clearly different from the …

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What Does Facebook Graph Search Mean to Your Facebook Business Page?

graph search optimization checklist

Social media marketing is an ever-changing field. In part, that’s because social networks are constantly updating features, and so business owners and marketers must stay in a constant learning mode. Facebook’s Graph Search is an excellent case in point. The service hasn’t even been rolled out to all Facebook users yet, and there is much wide-spread speculation about how powerful …

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Social Media – Is It Valuable?

Social Media Value

If there is one thing that comes up repeatedly in working with clients in a variety of industries, it’s the question of “value.” However, this word is seldom used in these discussions. Words like ROI, cost per platform, time, expense – these are the words most frequently used. But at the heart of them another word is really at stake—“value”. …

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8 Tips for Creating A Personal Google+ Profile for the Professional

8 Tips For Google Profiles

So perhaps you’ve been avoiding that leap to Google+. Why do you need another personal social media profile you ask? The problem with that question is that you are comparing Google+ (G+) to your experiences with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. That would be a mistake. G+ is not like these other networks. Each social network has its own nuance and …

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Social Selling

Umbrella Graphic Final2

Business-to-Business (B2B) sales present a unique challenge. Because we’re in the business of doing business, we can see right through a, “Hi, this is so-and-so, and I’m wondering if you have a few minutes” phone call. Don’t come at us with a cold call either, because while we might be interested in what you have to offer, we probably won’t …

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