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Facebook, Which Way Is The Wind Blowing?

Facebook Wind Blowing

What’s Working On Facebook? This is not a rant. This is a reality check. This is an opportunity to ask yourself a question. Which way is the wind blowing on Facebook? How does that affect your Facebook marketing strategy? Let’s get real on this one. Does Facebook still “work” for marketing? Yes. Does it work like it used to? No. …

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Is Social Media Worth The Investment?

Social Media Investment

When you’re at the car repair shop, every make and model of vehicle begins to look unreliable. So many of them come and go through the repair doors. There are many more of each model out on the road, but all you see at the moment are the ones needing repair. It’s about perspective, and perspective changes things. Do you …

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Social Media – 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Social Media 2013 Trends Become 2014 Tips

Sometimes, in order to get clarity around a topic, it helps to narrow it down to a single phrase. As a business or strategic exercise, this is often done to focus in on what’s important, the next steps, or a company’s core values. Social media marketing is no different. Sometimes it helps to narrow down the distinctions between platforms in …

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Can Social Media Replace A Business Website?

Social Media Replace Website Pdi

5 Areas of Consideration One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not social media can take the place of a traditional website in today’s marketing arena. After all, social media is free and quality websites aren’t, right? There are several flaws in that argument, and we’ll look at a few points to help you make a …

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What Have You Overlooked In Your Marketing Strategy?

IStock 000003840236Small

Most marketers will tell you that on occasion, we can overlook important aspects of our marketing strategy in favor of other areas we’re focused on. We love social media, but we hate budgeting, so we spend all of our time “playing” on Facebook. Or, we love research, but the details of execution bore us, so we run endless focus groups …

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When Social Media Marketing Bores You

When Social Media Marketing Bores You

Most business owners do not live for the day that they design their social media strategy. In fact, most business owners have little time for developing a social media strategy in the first place. 1. “I don’t like it.” 2. “I don’t understand it.” 3. “I don’t have time for this.” 4. “I’ll just get my office staff to do it.” 5. …

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Everyone Likes a Good Picture

Pdi Insights

Now that Facebook has rolled out their new Insights layout, it’s pretty easy to see one of Facebook’s core principles of communication. We “see” better than we read.  This fits nicely into the “worldview” they promoted when they introduced Timeline a while back. That has also been touted as truth in marketing recently. Social media is becoming more and more …

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Instagram Contests – A Case Study

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Have you ever wondered whether Instagram Contests are worth your marketing time? Do they serve a business well, or is Instagram better suited for branding alone? Even though we have stated before that there are specific strategies you can adopt for marketing with Instagram, we had not yet explored the contest factor in depth. This type of contests has not …

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A Consumer’s Market

Consumers Market

You’ve heard the real estate phrase, “It’s a seller’s market,” or “It’s a buyer’s market,” right? When it comes to social media, it’s a consumer’s market. Let’s take a look at what that means for your business, because the implications of this are going to be long-lasting and affect your bottom line for quite some time. Yes, some consumers still …

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Purpose and Goals in Social Media Marketing

Purpose And Goals

No one would argue that marketing a business is optional these days, but many would debate the methods. The methods and the success stories vary from industry to industry, but is social media one of the successful methods of marketing? A recent survey by Manta, outlined in USA Today, came to the conclusion that “social media is a bust for …

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