What We Do

We create, develop, manage and build a social media presence for you or your business as a business owner. Through a targeted system of interacting online and regular consultations  with you, we connect the dots that form your desired image through social media strategies. We monitor your online reputation daily, and we work to keep your name in good standing. We provide you with regular feedback, analytical data to confirm your growing online presence, and brand consistency to keep you recognizable by your customers and valuable to them.

A dot by itself makes no impression, but carefully planned marketing through daily social interaction creates a multitude of dots that form the desired polka dots of your business image.

In the first Dots, we create your online profiles for all major social media sites. Using your logos, designs, and websites, we create a consistent, recognizable branding presence that makes the first impression your customers, present and future, will find online.

In the second layer of Dots, we interact daily with those in your ideal market niche and work to build your online presence. We do research in your niche to continually and actively reach those for whom you can become a valuable resource. We also monitor your reputation and customer service online, coordinating conversations with your customers in an efficient and timely manner.

In the third layer of Dots, we move into content creation to build your business and your staff as valuable resources, a source for reliability and credibility in your niche. We do this in a variety of ways, depending on the unique nature of each business. We customize a plan that best suits your strengths and your services.

From creating your online presence, to reputation management, and later reputation building, we create the dots that form the full pattern of your business in the world of social media – the only world that, today, is moving marketing goals into reality.

If you have questions about how this process could be modified to fit your needs, just contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your goals with you.