The Wheel – A Social Media Marketing Kit

Highly Effective! A Social Media System that works!

Would you like to effectively manage your own business social media, but feel confident that what you’re doing is working?

Eliminate feelings of confusion & get your business started with social media marketing!

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Most business owners are overwhelmed by the thought of getting involved with social media and doing it well. Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Pinterest? Which one, and who on staff can handle it?

Time is a big concern, too. Businesses may have qualified employees or volunteers who could easily spend a few minutes every day doing the company’s social media, but do you want to lose your employees to wasted time on Facebook?

With the right tools, social media can be a highly effective in-house marketing tool that costs you nothing to maintain, AND it can be done strategically without wasted time.

  • How do you start?
  • What are the tools you need?
  • How do you give your staff a role, without burdening them?

A targeted kit, adaptable to any business, is the answer. If each member of your marketing team or office staff knew exactly what to do each day, and exactly what to talk about, there would be no room for error. Your business could thrive on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ AND your online presence will grow, getting you in front of potential customers every day!

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As A Social Media Company, We Know Systems That Work!

We weren’t always in this business. We were like you. We were trying to figure out all of the tricks and tools of using social media to market other businesses, but we were overwhelmed by the information that was out there. The learning curve was huge, and the rules changed all the time. We did some things right, but we did a lot of things wrong in the beginning. All we really wanted was a very simple system that we could use and adapt to fit the businesses we were in at the time.

Little Did We Know…

A system like this didn’t exist, but after a great deal of research and testing, we’ve created one. In fact, we’ve made this system so successful, that we launched our business around this model!

Here’s how this kit works:

  • Start by understanding the primary social media platforms and how they work.
  • Learn the basics of “best practices” so that your business functions with integrity and customers are engaged with your social media efforts.
  • Using those principles, educate your team on safe practices and social media policies.
  • Set up daily, track-able assignments for your team.
  • In as little as 10-15 minutes each day, your team can create, post, and promote your business in a variety of unique and engaging ways through social media.
  • Special events or new product launches can be incorporated into secondary team assignments in order to double your efforts!

Start Leveraging Social Media with this COMPLETE KIT!

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